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Dancing Flame - Prologue
Dancing Flame - Prologue
It’s a blur in my memory, and yet I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was an innocent little girl back then, and it was the opening night of the dance recital. Madam Ashleen had given me the solo, and I had practiced for countless hours to perfect it. The curtain rose, and we performed like never before. Gliding like beautiful swans across the stage. The spot light shone on me as cue for my solo, and that’s when it began.
Smoke was billowing down from the roof, and sparks showered the stage and audience. The spot light that was trained on me had overloaded and started a fire. The catwalks in the rafters collapsed to the ground, and that’s when the panic ensued. It was mess of screaming, smoke and flames. I was knocked back by a beam that fell on the stage, and had no choice but to run back stage. All around me the girls were screaming and crying as the fire grew more intense. Madam Ashleen was trying to round everyone up and help
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 3 0
Raph - Portrait by Lost-InMyWonderland Raph - Portrait :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 8 3 Light by Lost-InMyWonderland Light :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 0 0 Shade practice by Lost-InMyWonderland Shade practice :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 2 3 TMNT - Tess n Jackie by Lost-InMyWonderland TMNT - Tess n Jackie :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 4 3 TMNT - Art dump by Lost-InMyWonderland TMNT - Art dump :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 27 0 Turtle Tots - Huggles by Lost-InMyWonderland Turtle Tots - Huggles :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 23 10 Turtle Tots - Curious - Colored by Lost-InMyWonderland Turtle Tots - Curious - Colored :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 17 8 Anna - RotG OC by Lost-InMyWonderland Anna - RotG OC :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 3 7 Demons by Lost-InMyWonderland Demons :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 4 0
TMNT - Special - D!Raph x Don
It was another horrible day in the dank, dark sewers. Darius was who knows where, and three of the four mutant clones were out causing havoc. One was not, because he got sick. Dark Raph was curled up on the damp floor of their home, moaning in pain, because it just felt like he was dieing. He had a splitting headache, his stomach complained constantly, and his body couldn’t keep a constant temperature. The common flu; to put it bluntly, but in the future almost no one had to suffer through it anymore. No one, but a couple of evil mutants who weren’t accepted by anyone or anything.
It didn’t help that his brothers weren’t kind about it at all that morning. Dark Mikey laughed in his face and told him that he just looked worse than ever as the largest clone hurled up the food from last night. Dark Leo was unfazed, and just commanded that the mutant stay home because he would just get in their way. Dark Don just gave him a shot that he said should stop the pain.
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 49 19
TMNT - The Finale - My way
The escape pod rocked and swayed as it popped out from below the water. With a hiss the pod cracked open, and the three turtles and human steadied themselves. That's when everyone saw the giant flying Technodrome drop into the water.
"Leo! No!" Mikey cried out. He almost fell out as the pod was shoved by the waves from the giant ship, but didn't tear his eyes away until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Blue eyes met and Mikey felt tears build up as he collapsed against April.
April had no words as she held the youngest of her friends tightly. She squeezed her eyes shut to keep the tears away. They were there for her when her dad was taken, so she had to be strong for them now. Her gaze moved to Donnie, who was trying to figure out how to get them to shore. The purple clad turtle was buzzing and moving around the small pod in a busy manner, and April believed he was trying to remain distracted from the harsh reality they were facing.
Raph had yet to do anything since the drome went down.
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 19 5
The blasting music had been grating on Skipper’s ears for an hour now, but he was at the end of his patience. No matter what he tried, the only thing that got through to that ring tail was force, and Skipper gritted his teeth in an effort to restrain himself. If only because he had been trying to be more lenient with his party loving neighbor after a mission that got the lemur seriously injured in cross fire. It seemed that the annoying king had made a full recovery though, because he had been abusing the penguins’ guilt to the extreme as of late.
A particularly loud blast of the music jolted Skipper out of his musings. “That’s it!” He stormed over to the ladder leading out of their base, and slammed open the lid. The deadly aura that surrounded the leader made all his men, who were lounging around above their headquarters, cower in fear. His angry mutters didn’t cease until he made it to the wall separating his noisy neighbor from the rest of the zo
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 6 4
A voice speaks many volumes about a person. My voice in particular can show exactly how I’m feeling, and all you have to do is listen…
Loud and fast is how I speak when excited. I also tend to wave my arms around in wild gestures, but this isn’t important. You can tell I’m happy, because you can hear it in my voice. No need to see my face, you can tell by my tone. If you listen closely, the image will appear in your head. I can be hyper, and bouncing around in joy, or relieved as I release a held breath. It can be victorious, a champion, or I can be sly like a mink. You can tell by my voice.
Quiet and barely heard is how I speak when I am extremely upset. When I bottle up my emotions, and hold them back. It’s like if I raise my voice any louder I will break that careful control, and in a way, I might. You will have to strain to hear the sound, but once you do, you will know how I feel.
Low and venomous is how my anger is released out of my v
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 3 0
Only a Matter of Time
Only a Matter of Time
“Good morning, Scarlett.” A voice greeted me. I saw her within a moment of her speaking. Ally, the little girl who created me with her father, smiled up at me as I hung from my wooden pole. I would have greeted her back, but, as you may know, I’m a scarecrow. I may be alive, but I cannot move or speak around her, for she is a human.
“Oh!” Ally cried as she stepped closer to examine my body. “Did those nasty crows hurt you again?” She gently tucked in my straw that was sticking out and straightened my sweater. The truth is that I’m not a very scary scarecrow, in fact, I tend to draw the crows in because they like to peck at me and try to tear me up.
I got startled when a crow landed on my shoulder and started pecking at my head. That’s when Ally jumped up and tried to scare the bird for me. “Shoo! Go on, get! You should be ashamed of yourself! Picking on a sweet little scarecrow like Scarlett!
:iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 4 0
EEnE - Lil Kankers by Lost-InMyWonderland EEnE - Lil Kankers :iconlost-inmywonderland:Lost-InMyWonderland 13 28
These are the newest things i've drawen or typed, Enjoy!


Poledance donny by Dr-Innocentchild Poledance donny :icondr-innocentchild:Dr-Innocentchild 151 34 Strange Face by s-bis Strange Face :icons-bis:s-bis 993 57 I've got you... by ashitarimai I've got you... :iconashitarimai:ashitarimai 221 66 Snugglemuffins by ashitarimai Snugglemuffins :iconashitarimai:ashitarimai 209 68 Soft by ashitarimai Soft :iconashitarimai:ashitarimai 140 35 TMNT-WARD_CH4_P13 by tmask01 TMNT-WARD_CH4_P13 :icontmask01:tmask01 252 46 TMNT-WARD_CH4_P11 by tmask01
Mature content
TMNT-WARD_CH4_P11 :icontmask01:tmask01 258 79
Hold Me by FrankenPup Hold Me :iconfrankenpup:FrankenPup 35 10 I Don't Like April... by FrankenPup I Don't Like April... :iconfrankenpup:FrankenPup 67 47 Table Time by FrankenPup Table Time :iconfrankenpup:FrankenPup 63 45 Monsters Need Kisses Too by FrankenPup Monsters Need Kisses Too :iconfrankenpup:FrankenPup 56 17 Butt Icons by FrankenPup Butt Icons :iconfrankenpup:FrankenPup 15 4 Dive by MomoRawrr Dive :iconmomorawrr:MomoRawrr 191 61 Past and Future by MomoRawrr Past and Future :iconmomorawrr:MomoRawrr 148 20
These are just some favs i have,check 'em out!they're pretty awesome!


Got my tablet working! Woo! So some of my uploads will be my traditional, some digital. (Sketches will probably be the only traditional)

So it'll be a bit slower, instead of my massive amounts. ^_^


Digital Line art 15 :points:
Digital Color - 20 :points:
Digital Color + Shading - 30 :points:
Digital Color + Shading + back round 50 :points:

Friends get discounts
Fan Fiction - 150 :points: for every 500 words [I will only do fandoms that I am familiar with, please ask before hand about it]
Friends get discounts
Sketch, Trad. Color, Trad. Grayscale
Here's the prices for when I do commissions:

Sketch - FREE (Just comment on my profile, or send me a note)
Traditional Colored - 20 :points:
Traditional Gray scale - 20 :points:

Friends get discounts


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But I AM a artist in the making, so if you want to help me explore my range in art, feel free to ask me to draw you something, depending on the time I'll take free requests but if I'm busy or something I'll take mostly point commissions.

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